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Darkened Light is a 2D action platformer where you play Vincent Falroth, a brave knight who embarks on the dangerous adventure of rescuing another knight captured by enemies of the kingdom.

The gameplay combines elements from 2D platformers with puzzle and action touches. Sometimes you have to jump from platform to platform, dodging obstacles, while other times you'll use a sword to kill the bad guys. And every now and then you'll have to solve puzzles.

Graphically, Darkened Light has a very simple aesthetic. Both the characters and the levels are recreated pixel by pixel, in a style similar at certain moments to manga or anime. The style doesn't have many bells and whistles and isn't especially gorgeous, but it's nicely done and consistent.

Darkened Light is a fun action platformer that, on top of having a quite attractive gameplay, also has a good storyline. Not the very best game of its kind, but a good representative of the genre.
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